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Preksha Yoga Retreat is an appealing haven located in Mandrem, Goa. This place is a transformational, exciting, and life-changing experience and one of the most respectable places to explore and learn yoga.








A one of its kind yoga retreat in India!

Set in the midst of beautiful flora, Preksha Yoga Ashram, Goa is intended to be a profoundly cherishing plot where you can learn and explore meditation, classical Hatha Yoga, mantra chanting and a lot more! Here, you will not just learn and appreciate Yoga, but also admire the Indian way of life. So, get all set to gain a real consideration of the yoga philosophy that does not begin and end at the Yoga mat.

Experience all-round enlightenment in the form of a Yoga Vacation
Preksha Yoga Retreat, Goa is a lot more than just a hotel with yoga. We offer a year-around experience: an out of the world yoga ashram, gorgeous, well-designed and eco-friendly accommodations, and vegetarian meals prepared with organically harvested ingredients.

Enjoy the stunning background and beautiful ambiance at Preksha Yoga Retreat, India.
Pamper yourself with the azure Arabian Sea waves and coddle in natural surroundings with the impressive Yoga retreat. Inspired by the pureness of the Mother Nature, we have made a holistic methodology to cure mind, body, and spirit through our retreat and therapeutic modalities. Here you will discover beautiful coconut trees, vibrant environment, and booming waves. All this is sure to provide a serene backdrop for letting go and breathing the purest life.

Explore your life — The YOGI way!
Our Yoga Retreat is dedicated to sanctified practice where you can learn yoga and meditation in a safe and motivating background. So, come and experience the YOGI way of life in the relaxed, fresh and natural locale of Preksha Yoga Retreat, Goa.

Our retreat consists of meals, accommodations and so much more!
Just at a walking distance of 7-minutes from Mandrem beach, this place offers the best Yoga Vacation with most comfortable yoga accommodation. Our visitors are affectionately served with matchless personalized courtesy by exceptional staff. The employees here are encouraged to attend boarders as part of their unworldly discipline and not just as a profession. All in all, our focus remains to connect with the integral spirituality for each guest.

Inspire your mind and renovate your body
Absorb fabulous natural backdrop in the fresh air while getting the most out of your, comfort and well-being with yoga. Together you will grow your stability, strength, relaxation, and relief on your life’s track. This yoga retreat will let you relish a thorough expedition of self-discovery.

Here, you may perhaps explore something that will generate a significant drift in your perception. Over and above, the retreat may be the beginning of a critical change in your way of life. And yes, not to mention, you will meet more than a few beautiful people and make some new friends for sure.

Experience the blissful moments of everything in just a few days of yoga retreat!
Blend the adventure with life transformation while living in ecstasy at Preksha Yoga Retreat, Goa. Return home feeling physically revitalized, emotionally enriched and psychologically rebalanced. Expert yoga schedule, nutritional guidance, wellness treatments and personalized diet plans would make sure that you return feeling like a BRAND NEW YOU.


Wooden Cottage – Single (Photos) €200
Wooden Cottage- Twin sharing (Photos) €140
Apartment Single (Photos) €200
Apartment Twin Sharing (Photos) €140
Cottage Single (Photos) €100


07:00 Satsang, Meditation, Chanting Mantras
08:00 Yoga Asana Class
09:30 Breakfast
10:30 Karma Yoga (Optional)
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Philosophy (Optional)
16:00 Asana, Pranayama Class
18:00 Dinner
19:30 Meditation/Yoga nidra
22:00 Lights Out