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5 Days Blissful Yoga Retreat
Experience the YOGI way of life in a relaxed, fresh and natural locale of Preksha Yoga Retreat, Goa. This yoga retreat will let you relish a thorough expedition of self-discovery.
7 Day Ayurveda, Wellness, and Rejuvenation Yoga Retreat
recharge your mind and body
According to Ayurveda, Ojas (the subtle essence of life) is a prime energy reserve for the entire body providing the energy, vitality, and joie de vivre (enjoyment) that gets you through life. This rejuvenation program is, therefore, targeted at improving Ojas.
7 Day Yoga Meditation Retreat
ultimate retreat for growth, relaxation and renewal
We will guide you on an immersive yoga program curated specifically for your goals of mind and body well-being. All you need to do is relax.
7 Day Anti-stress Meditation and Yoga Retreat
Relieve your mind
Discover the healing power of a yoga and meditation retreat, where you can achieve a calmer mental state with restorative sessions designed to re-energise your well-being.
7 Day Basti Panchakarma Ayurveda Detox, Meditation, and Yoga Retreat
refresh your body and soul
Detach yourself from stress, sickness, and worry through the magnificent method with yoga, detox, and meditation!

Find the Right Yoga Program for you

Our goal is to prepare you for being a spontaneous, intelligent and flexible Yoga Teacher who is capable of tailoring a class for every single client. We’ve designed our yoga teacher training programs around YOU. After all, one size fits all is a misapprehension. So, acquire new talents, knowledge, and self-confidence to take your yoga teaching to the next level by picking any of these courses.

Preksha Yoga TTC India: Experience the spirit of yoga BEYOND the mat!

Yoga isn’t about merely bending or twisting your body. It’s far more superior.

At Preksha Yoga, we let you induce a strong sense of purpose. Helping you attain your goal is what motivates us. Our teachers would assist you in your training to explore what’s most meaningful to you — not just on the mat but in your life as well.


What training at Preksha Yoga Retreat, Goa is all about?

At Preksha Yoga, our passion is to deepen your purpose and change your life for good. We have faith that your yoga teacher training experience needs to be a lifetime memory that may intensify your bliss and personal growth. So, get ready to replenish your soul and enjoy your yoga vacation at the ultimate destination. Wait no more to experience an eye-opening yoga retreat voyage!

Preksha Yoga Teacher Training, Goa may change your life.

The Yoga Teacher Training at Preksha Yoga would offer you a remarkable opportunity to arouse your inner self, meet new friends, and to be a part of the international yoga community. 

The experience would provide a splendid way to discover long-lasting pleasure, harmony and the aptitude to share your yogic way of life.


Learn Hatha Yoga as a transformative practice.

Our Hatha yoga training (Yoga Alliance registered) focuses on building a body that is not a barrier in your life. With our yoga training, your body would turn into a stepping stone—not an obstacle, not a stumbling block—in your progress of thriving into your eventual freedom. The transformation won’t just be on the level of your body but in your standard of living.

What our students say about us

Our students from across the world are our biggest supporters.
Preksha Yoga has helped them grow – body, mind and soul.

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