Why Karma Yoga is crucial part of Yoga Journey

Not one person can stay inactive – even for an instant. No matter if you are sleeping or silent, it doesn’t mean that you are inactive. Your mind and body are tied up in one or the other action all the time. Simple deeds such as breathing, walking, thinking, eating, moving the hands or feet, seeing, listening, touching, sensing, tasting – all comprise of KARMA.  To be alive means to be active. So, the Karma Yoga means the yoga of needless activities as well as the dynamic state (yoga) of being involved in self-effacing actions.

Unfortunately, Karma yoga is often referred to as a service. However, it is not true. At Preksha Yoga, it is a way of collapsing the impressions that you have collected. If you can gladly involve yourself in an action, that is karma yoga.

Karma Yoga or the “Path of Service”  - is the topic of today’s conversation. So, read on to discover the whole thing you need to understand about Karma Yoga and how to absorb it in your life.

‘Karma’ relates to action and ‘yoga’ is to know you. The term ‘Karma Yoga’, hence, means understanding yourself through work. As a matter of fact, Karma Yoga is work done well without any hopes or expectations.

Karma Yoga is a selfless action measured as a prayer. This type of work is a way to achieve moksha. It must be done with devotion, commitment, love, and care, without hoping for any fruits of labour. You must do it, simply for the pure bliss of it and an objective to help and support others.

Now, that you understand the nuts and bolts of the Karma Yoga, lay your eyes on the major reasons to practice it and change your life for good.

  • Karma yoga helps you bridge the “gap” between your divine practice and the rest of your life and spirits.
  • By learning, embracing and following the values of Karma yoga, you serve people and Spirit unselfishly, without expecting any prize for your service. And when doing good things for others turns out to be a part of your life, you will never have any self-centred purpose in doing any activities.
  • Karma yoga fills you with harmony and contentment. You, little by little, start taking enormous pleasure in helping others and doing good actions for people. Slowly but surely, it will arrange for an inner divine strength that could never be realized in others.
  • Karma yoga gets your mind ready for the reception of the light of knowledge. It magnifies your core and breaks all walls that stand in the way of harmony or accord.
  • Karma yoga is a breath-taking sadhana or an effective way or for Citta Suddhi (purification of your mind) that would help you make the most of your spiritual benefit.

By practicing karma yoga, you will develop modesty, dignity, pure love, compassion, broadmindedness and mercy. The sense of distinction will be defeated. Self-centredness will be wiped out. You will develop a broad and generous attitude in life. You will start feeling accord and friendship. In due course, you will achieve knowledge of the self.

In this demanding and busy world, where you hardly get any time to spare, karma yoga is a way that may get you nearer to The Divinity. As Lord Krishna suggests the path of action in the Bhagavad-Gita:

“Thy right is to work only, but never with its fruits; let not the fruits of actions be thy motive, nor let thy attachment be to inaction.”

We, at Preksha Yoga, believe Karma Yoga to be the path of devoted work.  We let you practice Karma Yoga while performing day-to-day actions like cleaning your room, cleaning the yoga hall, maintaining the blocks and props in the hall, washing yoga mats, gardening and landscaping. So now, you can develop the feelings of empathy, humanity and a sense of gratitude while practicing spirituality. Once you make an effort to get out there and give back to the community, you build better emotional consciousness and it helps us to become emotionally intellectual people.

On a physical level, you will experience a boost in your levels of comfort and wellbeing when you give back to the community. As follows, Preksha Yoga lets you experience a boost in self-confidence, increased feelings of contentment, better purpose in life and obviously lower stress levels, thanks to the Karma Yoga. Our motive is to spiritualize your complete life instead of labelling your days into “secular” or “divine” areas.

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