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Yoga, like life, is an immeasurable voyage. I fell in love with Yoga the first time I tried it.

Below is how my expedition began and where it has directed me so far. So get all set to read my exploratory journey – One that pushed and transformed me and carried me far beyond my comfort zone.

My search had begun to find a yoga retreat in India that was similar to my practice in London and had a mixture of yoga styles and meditation with good facilities. After searching on Instagram I found Preksha Yoga and read the reviews of previous users, mostly who had done yoga teacher training. I contacted Preksha Yoga to see if they could match my requirements and they were so helpful and professional that I was impressed. I decided to book 5 nights, a bit anxious as it was my first retreat and also excited.

On arrival I was shown my room, a tour of the ashram and was given a daily plan, met the team then it was straight into my first class.

The ashram was very quiet with some classes having just one-on-one sessions which was so beneficial. The classes include Hatha Yoga, yin yoga, meditation and philosophy. There was also an Ayurvedic doctor on site for consultation and treatments. The treatments were great and very relaxing and combined with the classes, it gave a truly exceptional experience. All the teachers were exceptional and with so much knowledge and I personally from this experience have deepened my practice and within 5 days could do things that I previously thought was not possible. After leaving Preksha Yoga, I internally felt so great and this was also visible on my face and skin that I didn’t want to go back into the outside world. I would definitely recommend Preksha Yoga to anybody wanting a yoga retreat that satisfies your internal peace, a place with good facilities and deepen your practice. I hope I can visit the ashram again soon.

So here was me, trying to integrate the whole thing I had learned from my instructors at Preksha Yoga when I jumped on the mat at the outset. However, there is always more to discover and find out. At the moment, I’m looking forward to throwing myself with all my heart into yoga, while letting myself take a break from the folly and at times stressfulness of day-to-day life.

– By Shital Patel (Preksha Yoga student)