Here are some of the great things our wonderful students have said about us.  We’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re happy too!


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22/03/2017 / 200-hour TTC

This course is a very deep experience with a very positive ambiance.

The teachers are sattvic, with knowledge, wisdom, attentiveness, good heart and professionalism. The teaching is coherent and adapted to help the students grow each day and to perform more and more.

I highly recommend the course for people who want to have a true experience of yoga.

Thanks a lot. Merci.


22/02/2017 – Yoga Retreat / Vacation

  • I enjoyed Preksha Yoga retreat for the following reasons:
  • A schedule with proper times, interesting theories and practice and good meditation.
  • I was able to go to the beach (It was a bit like holidays and it was great during this yoga program).
  • The welcoming of Nitesh, Madhav, Katie and Simone, cooking and the pets.
  • I met nice people. I want to thank everybody in the ashram, including the cooks.
  • Good practice of Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga.

Wonderful teachers of yoga! Keep going like this!

Isabel Lopes

18/02/17 – Yin Yoga / Volunteer

Katie did an amazing job teaching the Yin TTC. She had broad knowledge, was good at conveying it and was approachable and friendly and answered all questions. The content (classes, videos etc) was diverse.

There was a LOT of teaching for students included, which was brilliant. There was a lot of knowledge about the background and deeper understanding of the workings of yin. She was a very passionate and skilled teacher.


200 hour TTC

I loved the philosophy and asana classes. Everybody was nice and always ready to help or answer questions.


08/12/16 – 200 hour TTC

It was a great learning experience with excellent facilities in a lovely, peaceful environment with good course content. I feel confident going forward to teach yoga.


21/03/17 – 200 hour TTC

The teachers could not have been any better with instructions or information. The teachers were great with the students at all times. They made us feel very capable and were great for motivating us.

Morale and motivation was kept high an exciting and interesting schedule. All of the lectures were very interesting, especially Prabakhar’s philosophy ones. I left every asana class feeling like I was floating.

The food was healthy and tasty; healthy while still actually tasting good, which was not what I was expecting.

Confidence was instilled into us from the beginning with teaching. I am so grateful for this experience and everything I have learned. Thank you so much!


05/01/2017 – Yoga Vacation / Drop in

That was the greatest experience I’ve ever had doing yoga practice. Both teachers, Yogi Madhav and Kathrine, are not only very experienced but also very kind and always ready to answer any questions. I’m definitely going to come back next season to continue this incredible yoga journey with the best teachers <3 <3 <3

Thank you!

Sinelnikova Maria

25/01/17 -Yoga Vacation / Drop in

Best yoga classes ever! Everything was perfect, so I will definitely come back next year to improve my yoga skills. Thank you!

Denis Sheviakov

Yoga Vacation

I had a very pleasant stay at Preksha Yoga!

Elly Langkemper-Kouah

Yoga Vacation

Great time, great place, great atmosphere. Will recommend, loved my time here.

Constance Wright

Yin Yoga and Yoga vacation

This place is perfect … it has love, peace and a fab place to stay if you don’t want the hustle and bustle of a busy life. Perfect to relax, do yoga and just be still.

Donna Barton

I was very blessed to meet and take classes with Yogi Madhav. His quality teaching allows creates a warm, welcoming, inspiring and focused learning environment. Madhav is a generous teacher giving an insight to his in depth knowledge of all comments and aspects of yoga. He is a professional, caring, inspiring and passionate educator. His smile and laugh lights up the room and keeps you smiling and inspired to keep trying. Dare to embark on a laughing yoga class – it brings me to smiles, laughter and tears of joy still.

Many thanks for the eye opening experiences Yogi Madhav.

~Peace, Love & Joy~

Fiona Hallam

Best experience ever, I was lucky enough to be a student of Madhav for 4 weeks. Never in my mind I thought I was capable of such beautiful and intense yoga experiences. In every way he guided me and my group trough the 4-week period of yoga teacher training. Every class, whether it was meditation or asana, I felt the spiritual and professional capacity of Madhav. The best teachers are the ones that make you feel the love and passion for yoga….Madhav did!

Ilona Straatman

I had the pleasure of having Yogi Madhav as my main asana teacher in my 200-hour RYS TTC in India in November 2014. Madhav is an excellent teacher and such a kind-hearted person. He is very skilled and easily demonstrates and explains all asanas. He explains benefits and corrects students with ease! He is very professional.

Furthermore, he has such a kind and openhearted personality and unlike a lot of other teachers he lives according to what he teaches! He is very good at connecting with students in a professional manner.

Madhav has a wide knowledge about yoga and knows how to teach a wide range of different kinds of yoga including hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga and acroyoga.

I highly recommend Madhav as a teacher and hope to work with him in the future!

Isabelle Jorgensen

Thank you for the lessons with you it was a pleasure!

Yogi Madhav is living Yoga! This is what you can feel during his very authentic way of how he is teaching. During all lessons he was very motivating to push you beyond your imagined limits. You are looking forward to the next classes because of his humble, calm and sweet way to teach by still being very professional.

He is very knowledgeable, extremely patient, and a great motivator.

Karin Reiter

Inspiring Yoga Teacher with a very positive energy

I got to know Yogi Madhav during my Yoga Teacher Training Course and he deeply inspired me. His daily asana class was one of my favourite and I really enjoyed the spiritual talks with him. He is not only teaching asanas, he is teaching how to feel a posture and how to connect with it. Madhav helped me to grow a lot. Even after the course he always had an open ear for questions and shared his knowledge and brought experience. He is one of the best teachers I ever had. Thank you Madhav. Love Annemarie

Annemarie Paul

I have trained in yoga with many teachers for the last years and my experience being a student with Yogi Madhav has been the best. He is caring, sweet, patient, funny, highly experienced despite his short age, very professional and he moves like an angel. Always there to help and to give good advice during and after the course. Thanks to his teachings now I love Yoga more than ever and I feel very lucky I had the opportunity to train with him. I will never forget the month I spent in Yoga Ashram because it has been the most wonderful experience. Dhanyawaad mere shikshak!!

Sonia Blanco

The first thought that struck me upon meeting Yogi Madhav is that he is an extremely special young man. There’s a certain glimmer in his eyes that seems like it’s only the shining surface of an ocean of knowledge and a soul beyond his years!!

He is truly incredible at Yoga and asanas and he is so inspiring in the way he teaches. He is the reason I can do a headstand which is something I never thought I would do. I was too terrified to even try it on my first day of yoga class and he told me not to be afraid and that he was right there. And I tried it and from that moment on I realised I could no longer live my life from a place of fear. And every time since that day that I find myself afraid to do anything in my life I think of Yogi Madhav saying “do not be afraid”! He has magic as a teacher and although he is young he seems wise beyond his time. I think every yoga student and teacher needs to make it a priority to learn from him. Or at least even watch him doing crazy poses!! He’s just an inspiration!! Truly amazing!!!

Naomi ONeill

Yogi Madhav truly embodies what it means to be a Yogi. I travelled to India to attend a Yoga Teacher Training course, and I was surprised to learn how little I knew about yoga. Yogi Madhav was my Asana teacher for the course and I could not have asked for a better teacher, and friend. Yogi Madhav maintains a calm and reverent poise for the practice of asana. His teaching style is simple and to the point, which keeps you out of your head when learning new poses. Yogi Madhav teaches with a foundation of trust through conviction in his words and postures. His form is elegant and inspiring and his peaceful nature is warming. The first time he asked us to try Vistrit Shalabasana, I felt confident in myself enough to actually get into the pose, (something I previously had no idea my body could do.)

Yogi Madhav helped me to expand my mind through expanding my body. He pushed me enough to help me improve, but never crossed the line to where I sustained any injuries. I felt safe under his guidance and would recommend him to anyone who wants a beautiful and mind expanding yoga experience.

Rosalie Westfall

I was lucky to have Yogi Madhav as a teacher in my 4-weeks TTC. Madhav had a unique ability to make me feel safe and supported in his classes. His sweet and mild nature combined with his immense knowledge about yoga as well as impressive teaching skills makes it a wonderful experience to practice yoga with him as a teacher. He is 100 % present all the time; even in a class of 40 people, it was as if he taught me personally. He keeps the atmosphere light and joyful, introducing fun moments and made me smile even when struggling. Yogi Madhav also helped me progress in a comfortable pace; every time I felt like I’d accomplished a lot. He is always available generously share his knowledge, and he inspired me so much on my journey towards being a yoga teacher.

Besides, I will encourage anyone to have him show you his beautiful adho mukha vrksasana (handstand), it’s absolutely amazing.

I hope to get the chance to experience him again in the future!

Simone Panton