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Preksha Yoga lets you pool resources and share the earliest wisdom and spiritual experience of Yoga and Meditation.

The eventual objective of life is to become free, not from someone, not political or financial freedom from what controls us. And you can arrive at such an ultimate goal of salvation through Yoga in India. In India, Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam is a way of life that instills an understanding that the entire world is one family. We believe in a viewpoint that tries to foster a consideration that the whole of the human race is one family. It is a common philosophy originating from a divine understanding that the entire humanity is made of single life energy.

We believe in instilling peace and harmony among the societies and across the world through yoga. We believe in the idea that by hook or by crook, the entire world has to live by few rules like a family unit, set by an enigmatic source. Just by mulling over this thought and by at least trying to live by it and carry out it in our lives, we can make this earth a better place. So, mulling over this idea, we allow you to have the benefit of our stunning and energized yoga and meditation hall to present your yoga retreat or meditation event.

This small private space at Preksha Yoga is perfect for yoga classes, consultations, massage, group meditations, and healing sessions and so forth. You can host your yoga event in our private space and be in a divine, brisk and natural environment to bring more pleasure to your event. No matter if you are on the lookout for a space to host a yoga or retreat or just looking for a room where you can organize your group meditation events, our hall will offer the elements you require to have a grand effect!

You’ll feel it the moment you walk in the entrance; a sense of friendliness, warmth, and calm. We promise to create an inviting and comforting ambiance for your practice while you focus on Yoga practice of your students be it Yoga teacher training, yoga or wellness retreat, or a single day yoga workshop. Our space is designed to intensify the practice for your students and boost your personal teaching experience.

  • Nestled in serene and picturesque surroundings, our yoga studio offers space, verdant greenery, scenic backdrop and eco-friendly environment that are just right for spiritual practice.
  • We would make your yoga classes wallet-friendly. As a result, you can break a sweat daily without breaking the bank.
  • We are located at a walking distance of just 8 to 10 minutes walk from the seashore.
  • Our recommendations speak our story
  • So far, we have arranged more than a few yoga retreats and TTC by teaming up with quite a lot of yoga teachers

Our Yoga spaces are filled with life, pleasure, interest, and affection helping you connect. More to the point, you get a hold of:

  • Eco-friendly and quiet Ashram environment perfect for spiritual practice
  • Variety of Accommodation options including Single / Shared
  • Vegetarian meals
  • Yoga Shala
  • Airport transfer
  • Filter Water
  • Traditional welcome / Pooja (Ceremony)
  • Special Indian welcome meal (Only once)
  • Library
  • On-premises Ayurveda Treatment / Detox ( Panchakarma ) / Massage
  • Heritage tour of Goa (Temples / Churches / Flea market etc)
  • Indian Classical music (1-hour music program)
  • Heena making
  • Laundry

Planning to conduct a retreat with us?

If you would like to host a seminar, meet up, or any spiritual practice, please do not hesitate to reach out to us by filling up this form or email us at or Whatsapp / Mobile +91.942.119.2778.

We are on the lookout for associated opportunities to work in partnership with. So, come, make our yoga space your opportunity!

And we endeavor to keep our studio share space fees within your means.