How Yoga Teacher Training Can Change Your Life for Good

Life is unpredictable, and the journey of life is all about letting go! Letting go of what you consider yourself to be, what you think you should be and what you need to attain! You can’t prepare yourself for what lies ahead in your life, but you can embark on a journey that’s full of divine conquests and spiritual takeovers. Yes! I’m talking about the mystical voyage of yoga. People come to yoga training sessions for more than a few reasons. However, by and large, it’s for yoga gives them a bit more than a general ‘exercise’ class. Yoga teaches people to embrace change in life. As follows, a lot of people often practice yoga in the wake of some unfortunate, distressing episode of life. The story of Linda Cooper, a lady from Canada isn’t much different. Yea! It may perhaps sound cliché, but Linda claims that attending training of Yin yoga at the Preksha Yoga Ashram has indeed changed her life. Linda Cooper, a student in Preksha Yoga Ashram, who went through an abusive and offensive relationship, shares her experiences with us. She describes how this mystic place made her feel calmer, more at peace, comfortable, and thoughtful. Here are the nuts and bolts of her painful yet gratifying journey that’s full of ebbs and flows. Yin yoga practice may help you reclaim control over your life. Linda shares how she left an abusive relationship by utilizing the support of yoga that helped her regain control over her life. While she was going through the phase of the emotional turmoil of the toxic relationship, Yoga helped her step out of the torment. The yogic kriyas, breathing practices and meditation offered her the sense of herself to trust the unknown as well as the impetus and courage to let go. On her way to conquering sanctity and embrace Yoga, she reached Preksha Yoga Ashram out of the blue. Preksha Yoga Ashram is a place to be submerged in the purity, and adore the time to feel into the core networks of your existence. Linda states that the spiritual benefits of Yoga Ashram made her learn how to slow her way down by way of meditation and Yin Yoga practice. She tells that here; she could explore her abstract nature by evolving as a human. She gained a deeper understanding of her thoughts, her emotional world, and the stumbling blocks and obstacles that kept her from living a pure life. Linda further articulates, “I could see and feel the difference in my mind, body, and spirit in the course of the Yin Yoga training. The benefits were remarkable. With constant practice, I got my life back under control.” Brilliant yoga teachers with proven experience All through her training, Linda was directed and supported by a crew of yoga instructors with decades of experience in helping, leading, and healing. She learned from yoga instructors, therapists, and personal transformation experts with years of experience. She compliments Yin Yoga training and claims, “Through the notable set of courses offered by Preksha Yoga Ashram, I could learn, rehearse and practice in a background that supported my complete potential.” Yin yoga training of Preksha Yoga Ashram explores the foundational forms of the Yoga form. As a consequence, it strives for understanding the technique of Yin Yoga practice by discovering suitable ways of transforming postures to meet individual students’ requirements. Henceforth, you may emerge as an entirely specialized yoga teacher and may convey your talents, skills, and passions into the world. Remarkable Yoga experience to explore Preksha Yoga Ashram is a place devoted to helping students discover the way on their yoga path. When the yoga training finishes, you’ll have the understanding, confidence, knowledge, and skill to escort others on their journey of self-discovery. Linda states, “For the most part, it was an incredible experience I won’t ever trade for the world. At Preksha Yoga Ashram, I grew as an individual in every single way. When I made terms, I knew that it would offer me an opportunity to grow and absorb knowledge. But I had no idea that it would be such a supportive and reforming experience. It’s a place where I could let go emotionally and could feel at peace.” Now, as her physical, spiritual, and mystical selves are working in sync, her life has turned out to be more stable and flexible – both materially and emotionally. She is sixty now and is willing to devote her life to yoga. The Bottom Line On the whole, yoga, like life, is an enduring ‘track,’ with indefinable twists and turns and peaks and valleys. So, if you approach the route of Yin Yoga training with an open, innocent, intrusive mind, you’ll always find something interesting to explore. As Linda voices, “Yoga is a path to reach divine in the self.”

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