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Happiness and peace are the states of mind. We can keep ourselves and happily contented in each situation. There are quite a few people who have restricted earnings and simple way of life, and yet, they are happy and content. And some people have large and luxurious accommodation, expensive cars, adoring families, secure jobs, and good health but still, they don’t feel content at all.

Ever questioned how the code of happiness and peace works?
Happiness is one of the most misinterpreted words in our terminology. We look for this elusive state our entire life. If I only had that thing or that, if I met the right spouse, have a huge bungalow, a new car, the profession I’ve always wanted, then I would be contented. By and large, we want others for love, care, and support. We still feel that something is missing within ourselves and that the outer world can make us feel complete.

But the truth is that happiness is genuine only when we let go of looking for material and passing things and realize the lifelong joy that is within. If we wish to be happy and content all the time, it is indispensable that we learn to respect and adore ourselves. Instead of finding joy here and there, find your self-confidence. Happiness and peace follow after such ‘self-care’ deeds.

Start accepting that your happiness is linked to you and your deeds more than any other situations. Follow these simple yet influential ways and start learning how to discover joy and peace within you.

A Sankalpa can be considered as a sincere desire or as a particular purpose that both stalks from a place of internal perception and intend to carry us towards our highest self. So select a Sankalpa as a central point for self-study. It will help you discover an impression within your personal life without judgment and with an excess of openness for varying levels of achievement.

As soon as you choose an intention, keep the plan in the back of your mind all through your daily activities. Every time you reflect on your actions and behavior, glance at them through the lens of your Sankalpa and observe if you are behaving in a way that is well-matched with it. If not, make a try to learn from the experience and to act with more understanding in the future.

We meditate as we want to attain peace of mind. But do you know that we have it already? Just as our body is made up of some bones, muscles, blood vessels, blood vessels, nerves, and so on, our spirit is made up of affection, happiness, peace, ecstasy, and pleasure. Every time we meditate, it is not that we are going to bring peace and happiness from anywhere outside and put them within us. When we understand that we already have them inside us, we stop looking for it, desiring it and searching it. The starting point of our practice transforms from wishing to already having or being. The hunting process for happiness stops and experiencing starts.

Satsang is a consecrated assembly that takes account of the discussion of truth between the folks who share a common vow. This vow leads to a path of inner peace, understanding, and empowerment. It helps in promoting mindfulness, affection, happiness, and peace all through the world. Satsang is not merely a place of worship and is free of any spiritual, cultural, religious or political involvement.

Abhyasa means the usual practice or carrying out the same thing over and over again, such as memorizing or learning a trade with a goal to achieve expertise and control over that skill. The abhyasa has great importance in the spiritual life. No matter if it is in arts, learning, training, household affairs, spiritual practices or worldly dealings, Abhyasa is the fundamental key to learning, developing insight, and committing scriptures to memory.

Competently treating the objects of senses and conveying it to the Self is vairagya or dispassion. Look into each desire you have carefully and keep in mind that someday you have to go to meet your maker. Have down pat that all the substances you observe have restrictions, but your mind is not ready for such confines. It wants infinite pleasure, which the five senses cannot provide you. It is not possible. You only get burnt down, time and again. Before this world eats you up, grow to be free. Free yourself from this fervor that is fascinating your mind.