Benefits of Mantra Chanting

MANTRA – It is not something that you recite. It is something that enters the depth of your knocked out mind and regulates the vibration of all phases of your existence. It is something that changes your life for good.

So, what is a mantra?
Uttering a specific word over and over again is not a mantra. It is a lot more than just a recurring phrase. It is something that has the power to lift the devotee in the direction of the higher self. A mantra is something that offers a divine, spiritual, and physical healing to the practitioner.

Benefits of Mantra Chanting
Here’s how Mantras bring transformation in you while leading you to the path of strength and power.

  • Chanting mantras is an incredible way to release your emotions
    An emotion that is not recognized epitomizes a part of the self that is being arbitrated. This emotion is the base for sensations in the body that you either yearn for or are disgusted to possess. Chanting mantra is a beautiful way to let these emotions go using self-expression.
  • Chanting mantras help you concentrate
    Every so often, our mind keeps jumping from thought to thought, making it hard to centre our attention. Chanting diverts the mind from dizzy feelings, helping to focus your mind in meditation.
  • Opens Insight
    When uttering the mantra, your tongue blows specific points along the top of our mouth, thus, directing hints to the hypothalamus. It, in turn, controls the chemical activity flowing through all parts of your body and brain, creating a precise and predictable intuition.
  • The mantra goes beyond your senses
    Chanting mantra is a pleasure that rises above your thoughts and feelings. It would take you beyond the limits of time and space. It calms you in the most in-depth way, on a cellular level. The mantra fuses your finite individuality with the infinite, and well along, melts you. It boots you out from the marvels, echoes, and inspiration of the material world and transports you into a space to maximize the spiritual benefit, where the sound is Spirit.

Now, let’s get to the roots!

Shanti Mantra – The great foundation of all the mantras.

Om sarveshaam swastir bhavatu
Sarveshaam shantir bhavatu
Sarveshaam poornam bhavatu
Sarveshaam mangalam bhavatu

Sarve bhavantu sukhinah
Sarve santu niraamayaah
Sarve bhadraani pashyantu
Maakaschit duhkha bhaag bhavet

OM – It is the “primordial seed” of the world. This universe is nothing but a single pulsating sound of Om. And so, Om Shanti Om is considered to be the foundation mantras from which all other mantras turn up to capture the essence of the quite a lot of verses of Hinduism’s holiest scriptures.

This mantra is an appeal for Shanti, a prayer for harmony, peace, calm, tranquillity, silence or fulfilment. The Shanti mantra is a way to appease your mind while creating a peaceful and serene atmosphere. Every single time you utter it, you become free from different types of worldly agony and misery, while being blessed with harmony, peace, and bliss.

The first time you recite Shanti mantra, you become free from worldly and physical sorrows. The second time, you reduce your unworldly afflictions. Uttering it the third time protects you from misfortunes and natural disasters.

Along these lines, the first Shanti cleans your body; the next recital cleanses your mind and soul while conveying spiritual revitalization. The ultimate Shanti guards you against all unfortunate external mishaps and coincidences.

Thus and so, Shanti mantra helps you enhance and improve all the physical functions of the body by allowing different internal structures to work up to their most delicate capabilities.

At Preksha Yoga Ashram, we make sure that you attain a soothing and peaceful atmosphere while chanting the Shanti mantra. So, join our yoga teacher training program and open yourself up to the subtle but profound and unworldly experiences.

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