Journey of inner discovery at Preksha Yoga

Yoga and spirituality are deeply connected to each other. Yoga is indeed your Launchpad for a journey of inner discovery. It teaches you how to gracefully welcome and embrace change because change is the only constant in life. Yoga is mystical and divine in its own way. People take a yoga voyage for various reasons. Everyone is looking for answers to different questions. Yoga helps them seek the truth. Yoga helps you cultivate Peace, Happiness, and Contentment. It helps you achieve mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. It helps you let go of what does not serve your purpose, find what you truly seek, and restore what has been shaken, shattered or dismantled in your life.

Preksha Yoga’s Teacher’s Training Program and Yoga Retreats are a life-changing experience. The story of Daphne’s yoga journey will tell you how Preksha Yoga’s 7 Days Yoga Retreat can change your life for good. Daphne is a yoga teacher back in France. She likes to travel to India to learn more deeply about yoga. Daphne, who has been to India before, was looking for an ashram that is the ideal spot to deepen her practice. This is when she found Preksha Yoga and enrolled for the 7 Days Yoga Retreat. She came to Preksha Yoga with an open mind and body to discover and embrace something new. She did not know how Preksha Yoga’s 7 Days Yoga Retreat was about to change her life for the better .Initially, it was a challenge to spend time away and completely cut off from the world outside, from the world she knew. It was difficult for her to control her constant need to be busy and active. Then just like light shines on everyone, she learned to embrace moments of silence and nothingness. In fact, these soul searching moments of silence helped her enhance her self-value, self-consciousness, and self-realization. Daphne said that these moments made her feel more connected to her inner self. It made her feel more at peace and gave her the courage to let go of all worldly anxieties. She loved the 7 Days Yoga Retreat so much that she decided to revisit Preksha Yoga next year, but this time she came back to Preksha Yoga for one month.

She claims that something deep in her changed after spending one month at Preksha Yoga. She underwent a beautiful journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. A heightened sense of self-consciousness and self-realization helped Daphne unleash her maximum potential. She claims that coming to Preksha Yoga to enhance her yoga practice has been one of the best decisions of her life. She feels that now she has found balance in her mind, body, and soul. Daphne thanks the universe for sending her to Preksha Yoga. This is where she learned how to enjoy and embrace her favorite moments of silence, nothingness, and peace with yoga even on a busy day, even amidst a hectic schedule. Daphne claims that Preksha Yoga’s yoga retreat has blissfully made her a healthier and happier being.