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Rejuvenation Package (7 Days)

Today’s hectic schedules and stressful daily lives mean that a week or month of lounging on a beach is not enough to fully relax and recharge your mind and body. The body needs cleansing inside out once you have been too exhausted.

According to Ayurveda, Ojas (the Subtle Essence of Life) is prime energy reserve for the entire body. It provides the energy, vitality, and joie de vivre (enjoyment) that gets us through life. Our immunity, strength and resistance depend on the quality and quantity of Ojas; when depleted it predisposes us to lowered immunity, low spirits and ill-health. Our rejuvenation program is, therefore, targeted at improving Ojas.

Package includes

  • Introduction to Ayurveda
  • Consultation with the Ayurvedic Doctor
  • Diet Advice
  • Accommodation
  • Treatment / Massages as per Doctor’s recommendation
  • Daily Morning Meditation class
  • Breakfast and 2 Vegetarian meals
  • Daily Yoga Asana class
  • Daily Yog Nidra / Evening Meditation.
  • Final Consultation


Got Questions? Read the FAQs

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7-Day Rejuvenation Package Cost

Single Cottage / Room €800
Shared Cottage / Room €650

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Rejuvenation Daily Schedule

07:00 Satsang, Meditation, Chanting Mantras
08:15 Breakfast
09:15 Doctor consultation (First day and later as and when required) / Diet Consultation
10:00 Treatment / Rest – As per doctor’s recommendation
12:30 Lunch
13:00 Free time – relax and enjoy at local beach. **
16:00 Yoga Asana class (optional)
18:30 Dinner
20:00 Meditation / Yog Nidra
22:00 Lights Out

** If you are taking treatment then its advisable to avoid outside food.

* On Sunday – Limited classes and there may be change in daily schedule.